Технические характеристики

Frame weight: 

M - 4,1 kg

Frame material:

aluminium alloys EN AW 6060, 6061, 6082

Curb weight: 
  • basic 12,9 kg
  • operation 17,9 kg
Wheel gauge (track width): ca. 76 cm (guaranteed passage through 80cm door frame)

Wheel-base (rear axle – cross tube of front axle):

M  - 845 mm

Parameters of transported person:
(load weight)

M - up 80 kg/ up to 150 cm 

Rear wheels: 20" with integrated 70mm drum brakes
Wheel material:
  • aluminium centre and rim, steel wire spokes 
  • plastic
Rear wheel tyre:  

20x1,75 (47-406)

Rear wheel tyre inflation pressure:  3,1-4,2 bar, car tyre valve. Max. pressure in one tyre 4.2 bar!
Front wheel 1:    14" 
Wheel material:
  • aluminium centre and rim, steel wire spokes 
  • plastic
Front wheel tyre: 14x1,75 (47-254)
Front wheel inflation pressure 1: 2,8 bar, car tyre valve. The max. pressure in one tyre 2.8 bar!
Front wheel fork 1:   fixed around vertical axis – suitable for off-road, jogging, inline skating and for higher speeds
Fork material 1:    aluminium alloy EN AW 2017
Front wheel 2: 


Wheel material:

aluminium centre

Front wheel tyre 2:  

full rubber (not inflated)

Front wheel fork 2:

rotating around vertical axis – suitable as a baby buggy on hard surfaces and lower speeds

Fork material 2:
  • aluminium alloy
  • glass-filled plastic 


Other important properties:
  • The front and rear frame arches protect the transported person’s head and body
     in case the stroller/baby buggy is overturned/overthrown;

  • The rear axle wheel camber by 10° ensures extreme stability against a side overturn of the stroller/baby buggy;

  • Safety belts with five-point safety buckles;

  • To achieve the maximum service life, all fastening materials are made of stainless steel A2

  • An installed and integrated bag for accessories and personal items; 

  • Possibility to modify the handbrake from the right to left version.

Optional accessories:
  • Winter bag, winter pouch for hands

  • Transporting bag for the whole stroller

  • Cyclo-set

  • Brake lever in right (standard) or left (optional)

  • Collapsible handle in standard or extended (optional) version

  • Other accessories can be changed according to the manufacturer’s current offe