BEACH set for REHA xRover - absolutely new on the market!

Safety, reliability and functionality are the most important factors when transporting people. The entire BEACH set was therefore independently tested in laboratory conditions at -5 ° C to + 60 ° C, and in real summer conditions up to + 90 ° C.

All components are corrosion resistant.  All tires are made of high impact and abrasion resistant plastic. Wheel forks and axles are made of high-quality salt-water resistant steel.  Low tire pressure ensure not only easy terrain but also comfortable seating.  Portable bag is made of washable and non-absorbent material for safe transport of the entire BEACH set.

BEACH set includes two rear wheels with axles, front wheel with fork as well as carrying bag.  All wheels are assembled in few minutes in the same way as regular xRover wheel.

We wish you a great xRover experience by the sea as well as on sand dunes!


Technické specifikace:

  • Průměr zadní kolo:
  • Průměr přední kolo:
  • Doporučený tlak pro nahuštění kol:
  • S nerezovým nástavcem pro upevnění na vozík
  • Obsahuje: 1x přední kolo, 2x zadní kolo
  • Váha BEACH setu včetně přepravního bagu: